Timeless Career Tips for the Modern Millennial

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What to expect

According to millennials, advice is abusive. After all, if you didn’t go looking for the answer, then you probably didn’t ask the question! So with much respect, this brave gen-Xer—with incredible ideas and answers—would like to ask you a question: Would you like some timeless career tips?

What if people skills and communication are not traits that you can put into your search bar? As millennials, you are the first generation to have access to the sum of the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, but is anyone inciting you to want more than just knowledge? This program will help you sift through the most important life skills needed to advance your career, including communications skills, people skills, workplace behavior, conflict resolution, and how to work with older coworkers to achieve your career goals.

Contents include:

Get a grip on why older generations treat you differently (stop the stereotype)Find a resolve with difficult humans (disagree correctly)Enhance your self-worth (dust off your trophies)Communication works if you work it (customization is the optimal style)Improve your emotional well-being (successful stress strategies)Show off your people skills (networking at its best)Take credit when credit is due (shameless recognition as an art form)Show the world you work smarter (gain motivational voodoo)

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