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‘Brilliantly twisty’ T. M. LOGAN

I had to save you, so I took you . . .

When ex-soldier-turned-teacher Jenni Wales sees 15-year-old Destiny’s black eye, she’s concerned. Destiny isn’t your average student: she’s smart, genius IQ smart, and she’s in care. But concern turns to fear when Jenni witnesses an attempt to abduct Destiny from school.

With social services and the police not taking the threat seriously, Jenni does the only thing she can think of to keep Destiny safe: she takes her.

But the men that are after Destiny are close behind them. What can Destiny know that would make them hunt her? And can Jenni keep her safe?

But what if what Jenni thought she saw isn’t the truth at all? What if the truth is much darker than either of them want to face? Their journey will take them both to unexpected places, but both are survivors and each will surprise the other in ways they could never have imagined.

Critics Review

  • I was gripped by this fast-paced thriller with a unique and fascinating character at the heart

    Claire McGowan, #1 bestselling author of What You Did
  • An addictive, original and brilliantly twisty thriller that asks how far we might go – and how much we’d be willing to sacrifice – to do the right thing

    T. M. Logan
  • Fast-paced – strong . . . and a change from the usual thriller

    C J Tudor
  • An original and addictive page-turner. Gripping, thought-provoking, tense and highly recommended

    Karen Hamilton
  • A clever, chilling and compelling debut, well-paced and well-plotted. I raced through the book in a couple of days, but it will take me far longer to let the characters go! This is a well-written and cleverly-plotted debut in which Bradley explores some interesting themes with sensitivity and skill. She has created damaged and flawed characters who are very convincing. The twists start coming from halfway through the book and they just keep on coming. Highly recommended!

    Diane Jeffrey
  • This story is built on shifting sand . . . every time you think you’ve got it worked out there’s another twist waiting just around the corner. Kate Bradley has created a truly remarkable novel and I can’t wait to read her next one

    James Carol

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