Who I Was Before

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On the outside, Tess lives the perfect suburban life as she wipes bums, bakes muffins for the PTA, clips coupons, and schedules in sex with her husband. But on the inside, she’s a hot mess. After subsisting on toast crusts and cold coffee for years on end, Tess has forgotten who she is, so she does what many mothers only dare to dream about: She runs away. Escaping to a small town, she finds solace in a quaint bed and breakfast, and with the help of the owner, Betty, Tess starts to put her fragile soul back together. But so many unknowns await her back at home and Tess’s necessary journey of healing may ruin everything else in her life. Will her husband, Jack, forgive her for abandoning her family, and will the person she is now be able to fit into the life she had before?

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