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Top Gifts For A Healthy 2022 ✨

Written by Kelli

22 Dec 2021

Christmas is almost here, and many might be looking for that last-minute Christmas gift. Look no further! At xigxag, we offer the opportunity to give brilliant, inspirational books in a sustainable way. 

Fun Fact: 72 paperback books have the same carbon footprint as our entire catalogue of over 30,000 audiobooks and x-books! 🤯

Whether your loved ones have a passion for literary escapism or a need to kickstart focus and positivity in the New Year, we have thousands of titles to choose from as gifts – or to enjoy for yourself!  Gifting is really easy, simply choose the book, enter your recipient’s email address and purchase in the app. 

Check out our five top audiobook picks to kickstart anyone’s New Year’s resolutions in 2022.

Get Fitter!

Jog On by Bella Mackie


In Jog On, Bella explains with hilarious and unfiltered honesty how she used running to battle crippling anxiety and depression, without having to sacrifice her main loves: booze, cigarettes and ice cream. With the help of a supporting cast of doctors, psychologists, sportspeople and friends, she shares a wealth of inspirational stories, research and tips that show how exercise often can be the best medicine. This funny, moving and motivational book will encourage you to say ‘jog on’ to your problems and get your life back on track – no matter how small those first steps may be. 

‘Perfect for resetting a glum January mindset’ Alexandra Heminsley.

Eat Better!

It’s Not a Diet by Davinia Taylor


Davinia Taylor was overweight, depressed and unmotivated. She couldn’t walk around the block, let alone go for a run or do an exercise class, and she struggled to keep up with her four young sons. In desperation she turned to biohacking to sort her head out – the unexpected bonus was that she lost nearly three stone and has kept it off for years through a series of health tricks from cold showers, to MCT oil, to ancestral eating.

She spent tens of thousands of pounds on specialists and Harley Street doctors, trying the most cutting-edge therapies available, only to discover that the true secrets of feeling amazing are very easy and affordable. Start with eating for your mental health, and weight loss is an effortless side effect.

‘A personal, fun and positive book encouraging dietary diversity and NOT calorie counting’ Professor Tim Spector, author of The Diet Myth and Spoon-Fed.

Drink less!

How to be a Mindful Drinker by Laura Willoughby MBE

Change your relationship with alcohol for the better

Are your hangovers getting worse? Is drinking affecting your mood, your health, or your relationships? Is it time to think about your drinking habits? With insights from Club Soda, the mindful drinking movement that has enabled thousands to change, this audiobook is here to help you whether your goal is to cut down, stop for a bit, or quit. It will empower you to take control and discover how to change your drinking habits for good.

‘Does what it says on the tin. It’s a guide to becoming more mindful about your drinking, and caters for everyone from people who want to quit altogether, to people who want to cut down, and rein their drinking in a bit’ Ali London.

Read more!

What to Read Next by Stig Abell

For a whole year on his train to work, Stig Abell read books from across genres and time periods. Then he wrote about them, and their impact on our culture and his own life.

The result is a work of many things: a brisk guide to the canon of Western literature; an intimate engagement with writers from Shakespeare to JK Rowling, Marcel Proust to Zora Neale Hurston; a wise and funny celebration of the power of words; and a meditation on mental unrest and how to tackle it. It will help you discover new books to love, give you the confidence to give up on those that you don’t and remind you of ones that you already do.

‘It’s like being a member of the best book club ever’ Frank Skinner.

Don’t overthink!

Relax By Timothy Caulfield

A surprising, liberating and scientifically informed guide to overcoming the anxiety that permeates modern life.

How many cups of coffee should I drink? Are work meetings really worth the time? Do I really have to floss?

Award-winning public-health expert Timothy Caulfield tackles our daily dilemmas – from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep – and the innumerable cultural, social and psychological forces shaping the decisions we make. Too often these decisions are dictated by concerns or beliefs about our world that simply aren’t true. Caulfield shows that these misperceptions unnecessarily stress us out and cause us to waste time and money.

Relax reveals a science-informed way out of this mess, helping to put your mind at ease.

‘Caulfield wittily breaks down everyday dilemmas that might frazzle you. Relax encourages you to make decisions informed by evidence, in the hope that you might stop overthinking them’ Pandora Sykes.

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