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Written by Kelli

27 Feb 2020

Hello xigxag fans 👋 we’re going to try to keep this blog updated with latest news, tips, tricks, exciting new content and anything else that comes to mind! Please let us know if you’d like to see anything specific – or if you’d like to contribute!

xigxag is an award-winning new digital reading app that aims to revolutionise the audiobook experience – a refreshing, independent alternative to big tech.  We have thousands of brilliant audiobook titles available from leading authors and publishers on our mobile app.  

With no monthly subscription required, we offer you the ability to listen to audiobooks on your terms, and at your own pace.  And the more you listen, the less you pay on full price titles.  And it’s simple and easy to make purchases directly in the app. 

We offer first-ever innovations that other audiobook platforms don’t, such as quote and share and the listen-and-read x-book®, exclusive to xigxag.  The x-book® is like the audiobook and ebook in a single format, without paying twice, and enabling first-ever features for audiobooks like integrated illustrations, search, refer to the text and look up words. 

Our aim is to build the most advanced digital books platform ever, to make reading more engaging, more accessible, easier and more sustainable.

We have even more cool features on the way. We will let you know as soon as they are available. And if you ever want to let us know about changes you’d like us to make, please let us know at support@xigxag.co.uk.

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