How and How Not to Be Happy

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It’s time to start asking the right questions about happiness.

The West is facing a happiness crisis. Today, less than a quarter of American adults rate themselves as very happy—a record low. False views of happiness abound, and the explosion in “happiness studies” has done little to dispel them. Why is true happiness so elusive, and why is it so hard to define?

In How and How Not to Be Happy, internationally renowned philosopher and happiness theorist, J. Budziszewski, draws on decades of study to dispel the myths and wishful thinking that blind people from uncovering lasting fulfillment.

Could happiness lie in health, wealth, responsibility, or pleasure? Should we settle for imperfect happiness? What would it even mean to attain perfect fulfillment? Budziszewski separates the wheat from the chaff, exploring how to attain happiness—and just as importantly, how not to.

Critics Review

  • “Just reading this brilliantly written book will make you happy.”

    Peter Kreeft, author of A Summa of the Summa
  • “The best book on happiness that you are ever going to read. Rightly understood, happiness is available!”

    Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary
  • “This is a readable book that everyone can learn from about the one thing that matters: happiness.”

    Romanus Cessario, O.P., Ave Maria University
  • “J. Budziszewski unites a deep expertise in the most important thinking about happiness with an intimate familiarity with our current crisis in seeking happiness.”

    Christopher Kaczor, author of The Gospel of Happiness
  • “This book overflows with subtlety, insight, and a profound understanding of what it is to be human.”

    Daniel A. Bonevac, the University of Texas at Austin
  • “One could hardly find a truer act of love.”

    Michael Pakaluk, author of Mary's Voice in the Gospel according to John

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