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The far right is on the rise across the world. From Modi’s India to Bolsonaro’s Brazil and Erdogan’s Turkey, fascism is not a horror that we have left in the past; it is a recurring nightmare that is happening again – and we need to find a better way to fight it.

In How to Stop Fascism, Paul Mason offers a radical, hopeful blueprint for resisting and defeating the new far right. The book is both a chilling portrait of contemporary fascism, and a compelling history of the fascist phenomenon: its psychological roots, political theories and genocidal logic. Fascism, Mason powerfully argues, is a symptom of capitalist failure, and it has haunted us throughout the twentieth century.

History shows us the conditions that breed fascism, and how it can be successfully overcome. But it is up to us in the present to challenge it, and time is running out. From the ashes of Covid-19, we have an opportunity to create a fairer, more equal society. To do so, we must ask ourselves: what kind of world do we want to live in? And what are we going to do about it?

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Critics Review

  • For its historical depth, analytical vigour and mobilizational potential, this book is unparalleled. How to Stop Fascism is a visceral reminder of what’s at stake, and every page is an urgent invitation to resist.

    David Lammy MP
  • Paul Mason argues for a broader anti-fascist political movement that may have felt radical ten years ago but now feels only more and more necessary. History is a reminder that we are never far from the risk of living under fascism. It can happen anywhere. Mason tells that history with passion and sincerity, framing it perfectly against the present.

    Angela Saini, author of Superior: The Return of Race Science
  • Mason’s How to Stop Fascism is massively useful … his one-line definition of the phenomenon really seized my brain … a good toolbox.

    The National
  • Mason doesn’t flinch from questioning rigid orthodoxies. This is an erudite effort, of interest to anyone looking for a deep exploration of the origins of fascism or fearful that Trump, Bolsonaro or a resurgent far-right across Europe presage a return to humanity’s darkest hours.

    Irish Times

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