Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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People are odd. Even the most predictable of us sometimes defy expectations. Add to that the tricks that life plays on us and the world suddenly seems full of impossible things.

As an award-winning actor and writer, Rebecca Front has always been fascinated by life’s little quirks. Impossible Things Before Breakfast is a collection of true stories about surprising turns of events, bizarre misunderstandings and improbable life lessons. We learn, among other things, how gazing at the stars can help you communicate with teenagers, how a mushroom can undermine an ancient ritual, and why everyone should wear a cape.

Combining elegant writing, wry humour and genuine insight, this brilliant collection prises open the lid on ordinary life and feasts on the impossible.

Written and Read by Rebecca Front
(p) Orion Publishing Group 2018

Critics Review

  • I was completely captivated by it

    David Sedaris
  • The vignettes in this book often begin with peculiar snatches of overheard conversation, which Front then spins into more thoughtful observations on modern life. She covers her dad’s hilarious DIY disasters, her attachment to Jewish rituals, the cape she wore as a teenager and stargazing with her son

    Daily Mail
  • In the introduction of Impossible Things she writes, “I love misunderstandings, embarrassment and confusion” – and there are plenty of those in her tales of life’s absurdities that explore the solace and humour to be found in the awkward and incidental

    Radio Times
  • Hilarious … Rebecca Front is an affecting and elegant writer with a gift for making the ordinary seem extraordinary … [H]er acute observations and sharp humour lift these experiences from the mundane to the refreshingly different. She is an extremely perceptive observer of people – in particular her family – as well as being aware of her own foibles, all of which imbues her writing with a warm authenticity … The book is not only fun but in places deeply moving … [A]ttention to body language, omissions and detail in general, infuses her writing throughout this delightful book

    Jewish Chronicle
  • Bursting with tales of human quirks, misunderstandings and unexpected events – from school fairs to disastrous dinner parties – Rebecca highlights how one seemingly small incident can shine light on something much bigger. Insightful, witty and relatable, the collection is packed with characters you will recognise from your own life – something that makes it all the more enjoyable

    White Company Blog
  • Hilarious

    The Times

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