Revolution’s End

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Forty years after the Patty Hearst “trial of the century,” people still don’t know the true story of the events.

Revolution’s End fully explains the most famous kidnapping in US history, detailing Patty Hearst’s relationship with Donald DeFreeze, known as Cinque, the head of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) Not only did the heiress have a sexual relationship with DeFreeze while he was imprisoned, she didn’t know he was an informant and a victim of prison behavior modification.

Neither Hearst nor the white radicals who followed DeFreeze realized that he was molded by a CIA officer and allowed to escape, thanks to collusion with the California Department of Corrections. DeFreeze’s secret mission: infiltrate and discredit Bay Area antiwar radicals and the Black Panther Party, the nexus of 1970s activism. When the murder of the first black Oakland schools superintendent failed to create an insurrection, DeFreeze was alienated from his controllers and, his life in jeopardy, decided to become a legitimate revolutionary.

Revolution’s End finally elucidates the complex relationship of Hearst and DeFreeze and proves that the largest shoot-out in US history, which killed six members of the SLA in South Central Los Angeles, ended when the LAPD purposely set fire to the house and incinerated those six radicals on live television, nationwide, as a warning to American leftists.

Critics Review

  • “A stunning and chilling exposé of one of the most bizarre political chapters in my lifetime.”

    David Talbot, founder of Salon and New York Times bestselling author
  • “Ignites the past in chilling detail and at the same time shines an uncanny and unsettling light on who we are today.”

    T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar Award winner and New York Times bestselling author
  • “[Schreiber] has powerfully countered CNN propaganda, boldly challenging the accepted mainstream version of ‘the most notorious American kidnapping since the baby of Charles and Anne Lindbergh was taken in 1932.’ In doing so, Brad Schreiber exposes how the US undermines dissident groups through revealing the real history of the Symbionese Liberation Army’s kidnapping of media mogul heiress Patty Hearst.”

    American Free Press
  • “Schreiber’s exposure of government involvement in the creation of the SLA is nothing short of explosive…A remarkable book.”

    Dissident Voice
  • “An interesting addition to the literature on the Hearst kidnapping, radical groups in the 1970s, and the hidden corners of American history.”

  • “A carefully documented, shockingly significant missing link of American history.”

    Paul Krassner, author, journalist, and founder, editor, and contributor to The Realist

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