The Cleansed, Season 3

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What to expect

Season 3, the final season, pulls the various story lines together into one apocalyptic finish. Saul and Paul are seemingly unstoppable as they each set in motion the other’s destruction—and perhaps the world’s as well. Our group of friends—many, many miles from their home in the Refuge—are forced to escape a deadly, war-ravaged city so they can discover secrets from the past. But having left home, there may be no home to return to. For a new enemy has appeared—one intent on conquering the Refuge. Can the citizens of the Refuge and their onetime enemies, the Dwellers, unite to stop a common foe?

Over six hours of bold, high-concept audio adventure await in the final installment of The Cleansed. The world will burn, love will be born, and life and death will hang in the balance.

Critics Review

  • “An immersive, ambitious, and boldly realized saga. The
    real-life locations and ensemble create an utterly convincing world in the mind’s

    Dirk Maggs, BBC producer of Neverwhere and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • “Very cinematic. I love the way you get your
    actors out there in the wilds with a recorder.”

    Tom Lopez, ZBS Foundation
  • “A full cast and sound effects (derived from
    on-location recordings throughout southern Maine) set this production apart
    from other serial dramas. The natural settings and sound effects provide a
    realistic aural experience that helps listeners conceptualize the story. The
    music supports the mood and scene transitions throughout the performance…Enjoyable


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